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1. Start the Access programme

2. Understand database terminology

3. Plan & design a database

4. Create tables

5. Create & edit fields

6. Set field properties

7. Understand primary keys

8. Save tables

9. Find & edit records

10. Filter and sort tables

11. Use print preview

12. Understand print options

13. Create queries

14. Use criteria in queries

15. Create & modify table relationships

16. Create forms

17. Use forms to locate and organise data

18. Create reports

19. Perform calculations in reports

20. Create validation rules for tables & forms

21. Create input masks

22. Create arguments and actions in queries

23. Create calculated fields in queries

24. Create other queries (e.g. delete, append update)

25. Organise fields on a form

26. Create sub-forms on a form

27. Use macros

28. Attach macros to a button

29. Customise the appearance of a report

30. Create mailing labels

31. Create action queries

32. Use Access with other applications

33. Attach macros to forms and report events

34. Calculate controls on forms and reports

35. Add page breaks

36. Add headers & footers

37. Use the switchboard manager

38. Set database start-up options

39. Add security to a database

40. Add user-level security

41. Add a password to a database

Please answer the questions as honestly as possible

there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers.

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Are you able to?

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